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To Haiti With Love

This past Sunday, 10/11/2020, we heard from Rev. Larry Mancini about the work that God is doing in Haiti.  He shared about his visit to Haiti six years ago and about and what God has laid on his heart.  Since his initial visit six years ago, through generous donations, he has seen the church in Bellevue rebuilt, as well as some homes.  The needs in Haiti are many.

   There are a few different ways in which we can come along side and help:

Rebuilding Homes:


The mission of “To Haiti With Love, Inc.” is to give hope to the people of Haiti who are in poverty through the love of Jesus. We see Jesus in “the least of these,” our Haitian brother and sisters (Matthew25), and seek to minister to their souls, minds, and bodies.

"One by one, we rebuild homes for those in need. It all started with the rebuilding of their church that was destroyed in an earthquake in 2010. After completion we turned our focus on rebuilding homes for families in need. Many families in Haiti are living in poor conditions, with unsafe housing. To Haiti with Love raises funds needed to help these families get new, safe homes for their children while also creating jobs for those in Bellevue."

Bellevue is a village very high in the mountains of Haiti. The people there do not have access to clean water. Some families who are fortunate enough may have water delivered by a trucker tank to their own private cistern. But this is very rare. To Haiti with Love is on a mission to bring all of the people of Bellevue free, clean water.

Together with the people of Bellevue we rebuilt their water cistern located in the church, we recently rebuilt. The cistern holds 10,000 gallons of water. Trucker tanks are shipped to them to fill the cistern in times of drought. Currently To Haiti with Love is on a mission to dig a new cistern to provide public water to serve the community.

Medical Help

Prior to To Haiti with Love, the people of Bellevue had to walk miles when they require medical attention, as there is no medical clinics in their area. Often times, finding once they arrive they cannot afford it. To Haiti with Love provides free medical care for hundreds of people, giving them medicine and the care they need.



Although our work locally is important, it is important to help where God leads you to help, whether it be locally, internationally or both. Please pray about how you can help.

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Many children in Haiti are with out schooling. Public education does not exist and the cost for elementary school is about $35 per month. These schools go up to grade 8, if they wish to go further in their education they have to walk to a neighboring town. These children are willing and wanting to learn, but don’t have the means to do so. The Lord put it in our hearts to create a sponsorship program to help the children in the mountain region where there is no mail, no refrigeration, an no doctors. Consider adopting a child, provide them with an education and give them a promising future.

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